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Change your office, keep your job. Be active. Get inspired. Be productive. Develop yourself. Develop your business. Work from anywhere.

Active Workation, the best combination to work and be active.


Why you need an Active Workation

Work from everywhere!

There are many reasons to join one of our Workations. Be active in amazing places around the globe. All with great like minded entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Remote workers, Digital Nomads and Lifestyle seekers.

Together we share skills, learn from each other and get inspired by each other. You develop yourself, develop your business all while doing what you love. 

So get away from your office, your daily routine. Join our next trip and work on your business while having fun and being active.


Why your team needs an Active Workation

There are many reasons to take your team or entire office on an Active Workation. Being away from the office opens the creativity and inspiration of the brain. Personal enjoyment along with work improves efficiency and productivity of employees.

Use your Active Workation as a great incentive for your employees. It creates fun and allows you to build a strong community. It is an awesome way to bring your team closer together.

So why not combine your company events, seminars, trainings or conferences with an Active Workation and bring your company to the next level? 


…and combine it with…

From start to finish, we make sure everything runs smoothly.

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You enjoy

Your entire team or company can enjoy the best Active Workation with our onsite help.


We are always willing to help you with your questions, whether you’re interested in one of our active workations or if you simply want to know how we are doing.
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