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Marcella Korver Active Workation / sportive company retreats

Let us introduce ourselves

A few words about Active Workation

Active Workation was founded to give companies and their employees the possibility to continue growing by getting out of the office and being active. It shows companies the best results are made without borders. They are where people enjoy their life and can become creative. Let them do what they do best by doing what they like.

Active Workation creates a personalised event where sports and business are central. Companies who have a forward thinking attitude and respond to the future of work. We will show you how employees can be more productive and appreciate their job more when not always surrounded by the four office walls.

So bring your company to a higher level by taking your employees, customers, partners, or other important target groups to a personalized Active Workation.

And how it all started..

A few words about me

Marcella Korver, 31-year-old Dutch, but more likely World citizen, writer, marketer, location independent entrepreneur, attempting fluency in Spanish. Founder of Active Workation after her three-year sabbatical traveling and kitesurfing around the world. Lived, studied, and worked in San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale, Tarifa (Spain), and Isla de Coche (Venezuela). Travelled to more than 85 countries and counting.

Marcella Korver founded Active Workation as she didn’t want to settle down in one place, in one office. After 9 years organizing events in the corporate world, working in human resources and marketing wasn’t enough for her. She prefers spending time working whenever and wherever she wants. Doing what she does best by doing what she loves; Traveling, being active and sportive, connecting with people, organizing, and improving.