Active Workation Mountain sports

You love nature, you want to see incredible sceneries and incredible landscapes. You want great food in excellent restaurants, sleep well in luxurious accommodations, you want the best of the best. Take your employees to the mountains with an Active Workation mountain sports. Go rock climbing, mountain biking or hiking. Choose one of the activities or combine them, whatever you and your employees wish.

Active Workation will take care of all the logistics, from A to Z so you and your employees can enjoy your workation. We only work with experienced teachers on location to teach you and your employees from the basics to the most advanced level of the winter sports of your choice. They are there to make sure you come back down the slopes with a smile on your face. All workations will be tailored to suit the experience of the group. We will have the perfect Active Workation for your needs!

Ardennes, Belgium

Sportive company retreat / active workation mountainsport hiking with colleagues

Possible activities Interlaken

  • Rock climbing, mountain biking,
  • vertical rush, canyoning,
  • paragliding and more!

Interlaken, Switzerland

Sportive company retreat active workation mountainsport hiking with colleagues teambuilding

Possible activities Ardennes

  • Rock climbing, mountain biking,
  • abseiling, outdoor hexathlon,
  • via ferrata and more!


Sportive company retreat active workation mountain sport mountain biking with colleagues in the forest

Possible activities Tarifa

  • Rock climbing, mountain biking,
  • hang gliding, paragliding,
  • quad Biking and more!

Active Workation Mountain packages

Team building through sport activities
Create better business relations and team spirits by taking your office doing sport activities.
A few days away from the office to focus on fun and sport activities with team building elements during the entire retreat.
Disconnect to reconnect
Disconnect from the daily work tasks to work on specific projects or trainings.
A few days away from the office to get things going and focus on a specific project without any distraction.
Business and pleasure
Corporate and personal development to boost your productivity and sales.
A few days away from the office to be productive and have fun working towards corporate development.

What does the Mountainsport workation offers:

  • All activities will be guided by a professional, experienced, and qualified teacher
    with extensive knowledge to keep you on track from start to end.
  • Activities are done in small groups of a maximum of approximately 12 people.
  • We offer half day (afternoons recommended) or full day, break the week
    activity programs, which are all possible to combine them with team building.
  • All quality equipment for the required activity will be provided by us.
  • We go to Europe’s best locations with spectacular, dramatic scenery.
  • You and your team only have to enjoy it and make it an unforgettable workation.