Brazil For Digital Nomads And Remote Workers. The Things We Love, The Things We Love A Little Less

I have a history with Brazil for over 15 years. It was one of the first countries I went to without my parents, when I was only 17 years old. I’m still surprised my parents let me. At that age, without the knowledge and experience I have now, I was shocked!

Now, a decade later I’ve been back many times. For Carnival, for the soccer World Cup, for kitesurfing and simply because I think Brazil is a great country, and I’m sure you will agree with me after you’ve been. Brazil can be a hit or miss, hate it or love it, a dream coming through or your worst nightmare. It all depends on your expectations and your level of tolerance I would say.

As a remote worker in any kind, Digital Nomad, a freelancer, a Location Independent Entrepreneur you’re looking for different things than the regular vacationer. And this is when your tolerance level has to be even higher.

Be prepared for times without good internet, a lot of bureaucracy, higher costs of living and the well known crime in Brazil. If this scares you, maybe Brazil isn’t for you. But why not give it a try. Nothing bad has ever happened to me, so far. ( I just knocked on wood, just in case 😉 ) but you have to be careful. If you know what you’re getting into and you’re able to deal with it, you will love Brazil just as much as I do, and there’s lots to love!  

The Things We Love About Brazil

There’s so much to love about Brazil, more than I describe, and more than you will get to know in the short time you might be spending there. Let’s have a quick look at the things I, and for sure many other, love about Brazil.

Super Friendly People

Warm, welcoming, happy and friendly are the words that best describe the people in Brazil. The Brazilian population is a big melting pot that consist of a great mix of ethics and cultural heritages from all over the world. You will find more African-Brazilians in the Salvador region, the indigenous origin in the center and the European-Brazilians in the Southern states. All together they manage to be this great nation of Brazilians.

To them, you will be a gringo, someone who’s not from South America. But Brazilians will make you feel at home and you will feel like you’re part of their society very quickly. You won’t have any trouble making friends in Brazil.

Brazilians love having a good time. They enjoy good conversations, good food and you will find a lot of music. They will feed you and will make you change the way you look at them. They make sure you want to come back to Brazil over and over again.

Beautiful Nature And Amazing Beaches

Brazil is big, and beautiful. You will find a lot of diversity in Brazil. It has the world’s best beach (according to Tripadvisor) on one of the 1.000 islands along Brazil’s shoreline. Incredible forests, rivers and lots of wildlife.

You can’t miss out on some beach time if you’re planning to go to Brazil. It has over 2.000 beaches and the number one beach is Baia do Sancho, which you will find on Fernando de Noronha. The most amazing island and therefore my number one recommendation to check out.

Brazil has one of world’s biggest waterfalls and 62 National Parks. The most intrigued area to explore is the Amazon river. Take a multiple day boat ride and see as much as possible from the amazing Amazon! I was stunned to see sunsets like this.

Food And Fruit! Don’t We All Love Food And Fruit?

I can’t wait to go back to Brazil and finally get some proper Acai again. I would book a flight just to eat some of this super fruit. Besides acai you will find a lot of other fruits which you won’t find in other places in the world. Brazil has the largest variety of fruits in the world so be amazed. Get your hands on one of the many fruits you’ve most likely never heard of. Sugar apples, carambola, acerola and cashew fruit and let all the different flavours exploit your mouth.

If you’re a meat lover, you will be in heaven in Brazil. Brazilian barbecue is one of the first things I was exploit to my first time in Brazil. Get the total feel of it when you’re served by a typical South American cowboys, called Gaúchos in one of the all you can eat restaurants. Or have some meat on a stick at the beach.

Read more about my favourite Brazilian food in my next article.

Diversity Of Cities

It doesn’t matter what you like to do. In Brazil you will find a place that serves your needs. If you like beaches you can find your perfect spot along the coastline. If you’re more a mountain lover you can see yourself hiking one of the great mountains. For example in Bahia, where this picture below has been taken.

If you love the big city life, there are cities in Brazil with more inhabitants than some countries. Great infrastructure, good food and amazing nightlife. Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are only a few of them. Check out my article with my own recommendations of places in Brazil to settle yourself as a Digital Nomad.

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Ease of adaptation

If you’re looking to settle yourself in Brazil for a longer period it won’t be as hard to adapt to their culture as in other countries. Brazil’s population is a big melt pot of cultures and immigrants that you will find every kind of ethnicity. Europeans, Africans, Asians and Americans. Brazil has had waves of immigrants of every corner of the world. You will only be recognised as a gringo when you start mumbling in your non native Portuguese.

Cultural Experiences And Events

Twice I went to Brazil because of their great events. Carnival is the most famous but definitely not the only one. Go check out any kind of event calendar you will find online and see what’s on the agenda when you’re planning to go there. Semana Santa, Festas Juninas, Festa do Divino, St. Vito Festival and Reveillon (Brazilian New Year) are just a few to call out and just as much fun as Carnival.

Brazil has a massive sport culture. There are great gyms on every corner of the street, every beach and every park. You will be amazed to see people running on every sidewalk, especially in cities like Rio. There’s martial arts like Jiu Jitsu and Capoeira and soccer is the biggest thing of all. Everybody wants to be the next Pele or Ronaldinho.

The Things We Love A Little Less In Brazil

Unfortunately there aren’t only things we love about Brazil, there are also a few things that make is slightly less convenient to be in this incredible country.

Language Barrier

If you don’t speak any Portuguese, you might have the first thing you run into as a gringo: The language barrier. You won’t find a lot of Brazilians who speak English or even Spanish. People in Brazil are lovely, and they will try to help you out. Gesture language can bring you far, but won’t make your life in Brazil necessarily easy. It’s advised to learn a few basic phrases before you’re coming to Brazil, it will help you a lot!

Wifi / Internet Or The Lack Of It

This might be a deal breaker for you if you want to come to Brazil as a Digital Nomad. In general, good internet in Brazil doesn’t exist, or it’s shit. Both wifi and 4G are unreliable. It’s not impossible to find good or decent internet but it’s something you have to look for. Even in the bigger cities. The further north you go, the less developed things are, the worse the internet will be. If you’re going South, things get safer and the internet gets better.

This won’t be a problem if you’re a tourist but it’s definitely a problem if you need to get work done. And as a Digital Nomad you most likely need to get work done. So, internet will be your biggest challenge. Don’t expect to get a lot of work done after you arrive. It will take a while to get a routine, get familiar and find the right places to work from.

Your best bets are good hotels, co-working spaces, universities or work from home and pay your landlord for an upgrade of better internet.

Safety In Brazil

According to the news, your parents, your family and friends, Brazil is a dangerous country. They all have stories of rapes, murders and robberies. Just like in Egypt, India, Colombia and pretty much the rest of the world where everyone with good advices has never been. Brazilians will even agree on it.

Yes, Brazil might not be as safe as Europe or the States but Brazil is not as dangerous as people make it sound. Most violence is only in certain neighbourhoods and are often related to drugs. So when you stay away from that the changes of violence become smaller too.

Make sure you’re aware of your surroundings, take taxis, walk around like you know the place and don’t let people know you’re a tourist. If you do all this, chances are slim you will be a victim of crime while you’re in Brazil.  


Brazil is a massive country. It’s bigger than Europe and flying from the South to the North will take 5 hours. If you’re on a budget and you would like to take a bus it will take you several days. City hopping isn’t really a thing in Brazil.

Cost of Living

South America has a lot of diversity when it comes to cost of living. Brazil is one of the more expensive countries to live in when you’re in South America. According to Mercer’s Cost of Living Ranking, both São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, are in the top 12 of most expensive cities in the world for expats to live in.

If you earn in a foreign currency than the Brazilian Reais, you might be lucky, or unlucky. All depending on when you’re going. The exchange rates have been fluctuating a lot in the last years. A few years ago Brazil was about 100% more expensive than it is nowadays, all because of the exchange rates.

Brazil has a very high import and export tax which makes certain goods extremely expensive. The Macbook you bought in the Europe for €2.000 will be double the value in Brazil. So make sure you have everything you need before heading over.

Will You Come To Brazil As A Digital Nomad?

If you think you will like Brazil, it’s definitely worth checking it out. In my opinion the pro’s are so much greater than the con’s. If you know what to deal with, you will fall in love with Brazil. Of course there are the things we can get annoyed by, but there’s so much you get in return. After you’ve been, you will keep coming back, just like I did.

If you don’t want to go to Brazil by yourself for the first time, join our Active Workation Kitesurfing in the North of Brazil.

You have any questions or comments, let me know, I’m happy to answer them 🙂

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