No matter if you’re going on a regular kitesurfing trip or on our specific Active Kitesurf Workation, below the right packing list for the best items to bring.

There are many reasons to come to Brazil and kitesurfing is definitely one of them. The North Coast of Brazil is definitely the best kite place of South America, and maybe even of the world.

Brazil’s tourist visa is great. It allows you to spend 90 to 180 days in Brazil without any problems. TGreat for Digital Nomads who don’t want to move countries all the time.

Coming to Brazil for the first time can be challenging. If you know what to expect and make prepare yourself beforehand, it will make your life as a Digital Nomad in Brazil a lot easier.

To Brazil as a Digital Nomad. It can be a hit or miss, hate it or love it, a dream coming through or your worst nightmare. It all depends on your expectations and your level of tolerance.

After being in Brazil five times, I created a list with my personal recommendation of places to explore as a Digital Nomad in Brazil keeping in mind what most Digital Nomads are looking for.