The Raising Popularity Of Workations

If you have been a Digital Nomad for some time you may be familiar with a Workation or two. They spring up like mushrooms after rain and a more and wider selections becomes available. From weekends, months till full years away with a group of likeminded people.

There are companies who go on Workation with a team or their entire office and there are Workations specifically for remote workers. Workations in combination with sports, Workations specially for those who are new to the Remote Working Lifestyle, Workations to learn a new skill and so on.

It seems that the work-life balance has been taken to a whole new level. In the fast world we’re living in it seems almost impossible to fully switch off from work nowadays.

A new level of work-life balance

No matter if you’re an entrepreneur or an employee. As long as you let your employer or clients know what you’re doing and continue to meet your work obligations, does it really matter where you work from? Everything is possible. I know Digital Nomads who have been exploring the world for years without their employer knowing where they are. They have their weekly calls, but their employer might be thinking work is done from a next door cafe or home office while he’s actually on the other side of the world.

What is A Workation?

Going on vacation and opening your phone to check emails is not the same as a Workation. So, what is a Workation, why is it so popular and what are the advantages? Let’s have a look and let me know what you think.

Workation is different than the Digital Nomad lifestyle in general. A Workation or “co-working retreat” refers to an organised trip for any kind of remote worker. It’s a more structured version of a regular co-working with planned activities and often in amazing locations.

The goal is to get work done together, learn from each other, network and socialise. A Workation is often a short trip and is definitely much more than just co-working on a vacation. Workations bring Digital Nomads and Remote Workers with the same interests together. It’s a trip whereby skill sharing is central and whereby participants have fun along the way of learning new skills.

Explore, have fun and get shit done!

Why Are Workations So Popular Lately?

Coming back to why Workations are so popular recently and the latest trends in Workation, a lot of factors can be the reasons. Here are a few of them.

Increasing Number Of People Who Work During Their Vacation

Although a vacation should be for relaxing, more and more people, from all over the world work while they’re on vacation. This trend becomes more a norm then an exception.

The world whereby we take our smartphones, tablets and laptops everywhere we go seems to be the key of staying connected with our colleagues in the office. There’s nothing wrong with working while being on vacation, as long as you don’t work that much that you will get a burnout at the end of your well deserved vacation. That won’t make anyone happy.

A Workation could give employees the possibility to spend more time on their vacation destination. You might not even have to take all your vacation days if you consult your boss in joining a Workation as an employee. As long as you stay connected while being away from the office, follow up on the most important tasks and do your job like you used to. Show your boss how much work you get done while being away, how productive you are when you’re not in the office and let him see all the positives of remote working. You might be able to do it on a regular basis. And you never know, he might even pay a part of it. A win – win for everyone!

Increasing Number of Remote Workers

There’s an increasing number of people seeking to join the “remote work” world. A lot of people (both entrepreneurs and employees) have developed a high interest in having the freedom to work from home or anywhere in the world.

Over the last decades technology has changed quickly. It totally changed the way we work. Online project management software and communication tools mean that there’s no reason to go to a regular office on a daily basis, or sometimes not at all. More and more people are working from home, or start out as freelancer. This shift in remote work popularity created a huge opportunity to go on Workations. Continue your work while meeting like minded people, do what you like and learn from each other.

More And More First Time Newbies

As the number of Digital Nomads and Remote Workers increase, a lot of “newbies” (new Digital Nomads) who are doing this for the first time are likely to face a few challenges along the way. Especially when they just start out. Workations create a good opportunity for both the “old” (experienced Digital Nomads) and the “newbies” to share ideas and support each other.

For newbies it’s a great way to be able to come in a warm bath of like minded people, people you can ask questions to, share insecurities you have and so on. A Workation is a great way to start off your Digital Nomad or Remote Working Lifestyle.

The best time to give the Digital Nomad Lifestyle a try might even be while you are still employed. You can see if this lifestyle is what you think it is before you say forever goodbye to your secure job. If you are willing to give it a try, join one of our upcoming Workations for entrepreneurs 🙂

Remote Work Test Drive

Not only the number of remote workers increase, also companies get more and more familiar with the term and the benefits of remote working. Some employers take their team or office on a Workation to see if the remote working would work for their office as well. Managers get to see if it is a good idea to let their teams work remotely and employees can find out if the remote work is their “cup of tea”. A Workation is a great way to test the possibilities for remote work.

A Workation is a great way to test the possibilities for remote work

If you have bought a car recently, you probably did a “test -drive” in the car before you purchased it. This is to give you a “feel” of how it would be to actually own and drive the car. If you are not impressed with the performance of the car during the test drive, you can still change your mind.

Testing or trying something before committing yourself into something new isn’t only for the car industry. Test driving is a good way to start any major life changing decision. Whether it’s buying a car, getting married or changing your lifestyle.

Living in a completely different country comes with its own fears. It’s no doubt that such a decision, from the beginning to the end, will be risky. Once you make the decision, it won’t be easy to change your mind only a few weeks after you left everything behind.

So if you consider the remote working lifestyle, testing it out with a Workation is a great investment and a lot less risky than making the big leap straight away. The goal is to help you decide if this lifestyle is for you or not before you jump in. So, if it is not for you, you are free and less committed to change your mind.

The Curiosity Of Seeing The World

Much as we’d all love to, not everyone can afford to take a year off to travel and see the world.

Joining a Workation gives you the opportunity to work in incredible places around the world without giving up your job, your stable salary or even your vacation days. You can get as much work done as in the office, and in your free time you experience the local culture and do the things you love, which might not be possible at home.

Even if you don’t usually work remotely, you might be able to convince your boss to allow you to work and travel at the same time. At least for a try out period during a Workation, whereby you know everything has been taken care off and you can get a real feel of this remote working lifestyle.

Be That Great Employer

You can have a great, fancy office, but even a fancy office gets boring after you spend eight hours in the same space every single day of the week.

If you’re the kind of company who let’s their employees take a Workation or two a year, you are most likely one the those companies people love to work for. One of the companies that gives their employees the feeling they are appreciated and well taken care off.

Employees stay motivated, work harder and stay with you for a longer period of time. You don’t lose your employees with all their knowledge and knowhow. And isn’t that what every company wants? Keep the great employees motivated so they stay with you?

A Desk in Paradise

Don’t let a Workation Replace A Vacation

Although Workations are great for everyone, don’t ever let a Workation replace a vacation. While a Workation is about combining work at an incredible destination, a vacation is necessary for everyone to rest, destress and recharge from all the work.

Make sure you use your vacation days as vacation, it’s ok to leave your laptop and even your smart phone at home sometimes.

Jump In, Take That Test Drive!

Hopefully, you have seen the reasons why a Workation can be helpful for you or your company. If you’re looking to jumpstart your Remote Working Lifestyle but don’t know where to go, let Active Workation help you. Whether you are an individual (freelancer or entrepreneur) or a team there are great possibilities for you. Check out the upcoming entrepreneurs Workations or company retreats for more information or contact me directly. We are experienced Digital Nomads who would love to help you organize your next Workation.

You have any questions or comments, let me know, I’m happy to answer them 🙂

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