What To Bring On A Kitesurf Workation In Brazil

No matter if you’re going on a regular kitesurfing trip or on our specific Active Kitesurf Workation, find the right packing list for the best items to bring in this blog post.

If you booked lessons or fun kiting with us you don’t have to worry about the equipment listed on the bottom of this page, but have a good read on the things we advise you to bring regardless of your booking preference.

General packing list

High SPF waterproof sunscreen!

Believe me, this is an absolute must. Especially as a beginner you might hit the water, a lot! Sunscreen wears off, even if it says it’s waterproof. It’s warm in Brazil, so most likely you will be sweating as well, another reason to bring a good waterproof sunscreen with you. If you want to be sure and certain, take those thick and sticky types sunscreen based on zinc. They tend to stay on really well.

A Sport Bikini Or Bathing suit

If you don’t have a sport bikini or bathing suit you can use your regular bikini, but don’t be surprised when your bottoms are on your knees at some point. Luckily you’re under water, and this mostly happens when you fall after a jump, but make sure everything is tight enough.


It’s sunny, sand and water reflects and wearing sunglasses is an absolute must. If you have any sunglasses, bring them along. If you have sporty once which will stay on in the water, that’s great!

A camera

Of course you want to see how you we’re doing in your first hours being on your board. The first time you were properly riding more than the first meter or your first jump. A camera is always good to have with you and capture all those amazing kitesurf moment to remember. 🙂


In Brazil they use type N plugs. Find more information on link below to see if you need any kind of adapters to keep all your electronics charged.  


Electronics bag

Most of us will be taking our valuable electronics with us to Brazil, and well, we all know that salt air and sand isn’t too good for them. Let’s not start about the water in combination with electronics. It’s always good to have your electronics in a bag.


Bug/Mosquito Repellant. Bring a good quality one from home as the locally available products are usually not recommended, especially if going off the beaten track. DEET is good stuff.

If there are mosquitoes around. Avoid black and dark colors—because of both the sun and mosquitoes.


Brazil is one of those countries where no clothing is crazy enough. People walk topless and you will see lots of girls in just a bikini string. It really doesn’t matter what you wear. Flip flops and a bikini or shorts is basically all you need!

It also doesn’t get really cold at night, so you can leave your warm stuff all behind in Europe. Wow, did I already mention how great it is to go to Brazil?!

What To Bring On A Kite Trip When You Bring Your Own Kitesurf Equipment

Kite equipment

In Brasil the wind becomes stronger during the day and the more west we’re heading. It’s always good to have at least two but even better three different kite sizes with you.

I would suggest a range between 6M / 8M / 10M or similar would work best.

Make sure your kite gear is in good condition so you won’t lose any valuable wind time 😉

Of course a board would be handy as well. A twintip or surfboard, depending on your own preference. Keep in mind it’s always good to have another set of fins with you, just in case.

Kite First Aid Kit

We will be in Brazil, one of world’s top destinations for kitesurfing and there will be repair shops around in Cumbuco and Jeri, but just to be sure, always bring some some emergency first-aid for your kite with you. Duct tape, repair patches and so on. No one like so to wait a few days before your favourite kite is repaired and ready to go again.


We provide you with water during the downwinder but it you get thirsty during the ride you can always bring a camel backpack with you. There will be enough breaks and the distance isn’t crazy, so don’t worry about getting hydrated.

Don’t Forget The Usual

Although you can buy everything you want in a country like Brazil, it’s always good to bring enough with you. As Brazil can really diver if it comes to buying the necessities for your trip.

You have any questions or comments, let me know, I’m happy to answer them 🙂

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